How I went from lying down all day to cycling the Coast to Coast

As you have probably gathered I’m no longer regularly updating this blog.  I decided that after completing my coast to coast bike ride and proving to myself that I really was fully recovered it was time to move on.  I’m still doing well, and I’m living life to the full.

In this post I want to share some of my posts that document how I went from lying down most of the time, and using a mobility scooter and electric bike to get around  to recovering my health and cycling the coast to coast bike ride in Summer 2015

How I spent most of the day

How I spent most of the day in May 2013

Completing the Coast to Coast bike ride August 2015

Completing the Coast to Coast bike ride August 2015

Although I’m no longer updating the blog, I hope it provides inspiration and help for those suffering with ME/CFS.  Below are some links  to what I consider some of the most important information about my recovery, and I hope they will be helpful to others in their recovery.  Hopefully this will enable easy access to the most important posts, without needing to trawl the archives, although there are lots more great posts in the archives if these don’t satisfy you.

  1. This post will tell you more about what Life with ME/CFS was like for me.
  2. How I dealt with my Adrenal Fatigue
  3. What supplements I took/take
  4. Why I take Magnesium
  5. my 9 tips for surviving Christmas with ME/CFS/PVF
  6. 9 things to remove from your life to aid recovery
  7. Surviving Post Exertional Malaise – PEM A Survival Guide
  8. The habits of Recovery
  9. Are you willing to change your life to regain your health?
  10. Meditation was hugely important for me, and is something I’m still practicing.
  11. The Habits of Recovery
  12. My Far infrared Sauna
  13. Sleep – the foundation of recovery, and yet so difficult to sort out.
  14. The Stop process
  15. Focus on what you’re increasing, not decreasing.
  16. Sometimes you need to Take a step backwards
  17. Nutrition was hugely important  for me.  Here’s a few links to posts about food:
    1. Should you go Gluten Free?
    2. Green Smoothies
    3. The Benefits of Juicing
    4. Fermented Foods
    5. Vegetables
    6. Sugar
    7. Foods to eat more of
    8. Foods to eat less of
    9. Salt and Dizziness

If you’ve just come across this blog; welcome and I’m sorry if you or someone you know is suffering with ME/CFS.  My recovery  involved huge changes in my lifestyle and habits.  This isn’t easy, but it is possible.   I hope that some of what helped me also helps you.

Best wishes and good luck


3 responses to “How I went from lying down all day to cycling the Coast to Coast

  1. Thanks Sarah, all the information here is brilliant. Im at the stage where bouncing the boundaries with some dips. What did you find helpful for gaining back trust in your body? I find sometimes it shakes my confidence when I hit a dip more especially when it happen’s when I am out & about.

    • Hi Sharon,

      It’s difficult to trust your body again. I think I built trust in my abilities by trying things and being successful. Of course you’re not successful all the time – sometimes you push too hard and take a knock back. It’s about learning and listening to your body. Now I know that I can get really out of breath and push myself cycling up a big hill and be fine afterwards, but when I started transitioning from my electric bike to my pedal bike I had to really listen to my body. Some days I just knew that I would be fine to do the school run on my normal bike, others I either knew I couldn’t or wasn’t sure and took the electric bike (The beauty of the electric bike is you can use 100% electric power or part pedal power and part electric). It took months before I got to the stage where I could pedal the half mile each way every day on my own bike. Bouncing the boundaries is tricky. You have to try new things, but sometimes you won’t be successful. I find it helped to have a back up plan, so if you can’t manage everything you want you can easily get home. Also try new things when you are feeling good – although don’t get into a boom and bust cycle. Good luck with your recovery.

  2. Thanks Sarah, it really is so inspiring what you can do now. Hopefully that trust will come back with more successful attempts. The back up plans are vital, I think they help with the confidence as you know you will be alright albeit a knock back. Trying my best not to get into that cycle it happened a bit at Christmas were wasn’t feeling great but wanting to take part in Christmas in some capacity! Thank you & all the best for the future.

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