Foods to eat less of

I could have labelled this post foods to avoid, but I find the idea of never eating a certain food instantly makes me want to eat lots of it.  Most of the foods here are the usual suspects, I will be writing some posts in the coming weeks about the reasons behind avoiding these.

  • Processed foods high in fat, sugar, chemicals additives or preservatives
  • Tinned foods or juices
  • Alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks
  • Grains—wheat, oats and rye
  • Refined grains— white rice, white flour or pasta
  • Sugar (including honey and malt)
  • Stock cubes (use gluten free stock cubes)
  • Yeast extracts
  • Soy sauce – use tamari sauce instead
  • Smoked meats and fish
  • Pickles and relishes
  • Peanuts
  • Any food containing vinegar (e.g. Mayonnaise)
  • Chilli and very spicy food
  • Dried fruit
  • Cheese



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