Our cells repair themselves whilst we are sleeping.  If we are not getting sufficient good quality sleep it is difficult, if not impossible, to heal ourselves.  Therefore improving sleep is a fundamental step in recovery from CFS/ME

One of the biggest problems for most CFS/ME sufferers is disturbed sleep. I’ve had my fair share of that.  For many months I tried all kinds of things to help with my sleep. Most of them helped a small amount, and for that reason I list them here, however my main improvements in sleep came when I began treating my adrenal fatigue.

  • meditation
  • good sleep hygiene, there is lots of information available on the web about this.  Here’s a particularly detailed explanation. Obviously advice about exercising should not be followed by CFS/ME sufferers.
  • EFT – I used to tap along to this video 
  • herbal sleep remedies – Dr Stuart’s valerian tea is great
  • writing a journal before bed to get my thoughts out of my head
  • Using relaxation apps – I particularly like Sleep Easily by Shazzie, which is available for andriod and iphones.
  • I have another app on my phone (automat it) which automatically puts my phone in airplane mode at 10pm each night so that I do not get disturbed my incoming texts/emails/calls.
  • I love these sleepphones and use them during the day for guided meditation and at night to listen to apps/music designed to aid sleep.

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