Evidence Based Nutrition

Here is a great article by Authority Nutrition which has links to some of the science refuting common nutritional recommendations.

I was staggered to discover whilst watching the TV programme The Men Who Made Us Fat that the nutrition advice from the American Government, also largely followed by the British Government, had no scientific research behind it.  Lots of the scientific research done to try and prove the recommendations were sound, actually proved the problems that were caused by eating a low fat, high carbohydrate diet.

Listening to free podcasts from Jonathan Bailor (The SANE Show) further reinforced why changing the way I ate was so important for my health.

I followed the standard nutritional advice for years, diligently eating wholemeal bread, pasta and other wholegrain foods.  The result?  Me and my daughter have chronic health conditions.  I can’t say that my ME was caused by what I ate, but it could be one component.  Certainly changing my diet away from Government Recommendations and towards a diet recommended by my nutritionist (see foods to eat more of and foods to eat less of), who does know what the research says, has been a factor in my recovery.

Once your eyes are opened to how unhealthy the government healthy eating advice is you have the opportunity to take back control over what you eat.

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