Food is Love

This week I’ve been doing lots of cooking. Firstly I made two huge pans of soup for a family get together at my aunt’s house. The purpose of the get together was a birthday celebration. It is lovely to spend time with my extended family, but there’s a lot of us and we all need to eat, so everyone brings something for the table.

Then during the week I heard that two of my friends were going through a tough time – one due to bereavement and one was involved in a car crash. I decided that instead of buying flowers of chocolates I would make them both a meal. It was a pleasure to spend my energy shopping and cooking for people I wanted to help, and I enjoyed delivering the meals to my appreciative friends.

I’ve written before about how supported I felt by friends and family that cooked meals for us when feeding myself and my family was often beyond me. Passing that gift on to others feels wonderful and made me reflect on how much more than nourishment food is.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” —Alan D. Wolfelt

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