The Wahls Protocol

“The power of healing is within you. All you need to do is give your body what it needs and remove what is poisoning it. You can restore your own health by what you do—not by the pills you take, but by how you choose to live. When you eat and live in accordance with the needs of your cells, your body can finally concentrate on healing, and that is when the dramatic changes will happen for you.”

Dr Terry Wahls

I saw Dr Terry Wahl’s TEDx talk Minding Your Mitochondria a few months ago.  If you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you check it out.

Here’s a quick bullet point summary

  • Dr Wahls has MS
  • She went from using a tilt recline wheelchair to being able to walk unaided, cycle 30 miles and horseback ride.
  • She did all this via changes in diet, meditation electrical stimulation of her muscles and self massage.
  • She recommends eating a paleo diet with 3 cups of green vegetables, 3 cups of sulphur rich vegetables(cabbage and onion family, mushrooms and asparagus) and 3 cups of colourful vegetables each day.

She is proof that the functional medicine approach to chronic disease works and she is now working on clinical trials to prove it to the wider medical community. In the meantime she’s sharing the information she has learned in a new book: The Wahls Protocol.  I’ve pre-ordered it and I’m looking forward to reading it next month.

Meanwhile if you’re struggling with ME/CFS, MS or any other chronic disease I hope her TED talk gives you hope that things can change.


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